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LASplash Cosmetics- Lip Couture Liquid Lipstick SWATCHES

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Lately I have been  ADDICTED to wearing Matte Liquid Lipsticks! One of my favorite 
companies that have the best Liquid Lipsticks (in my opinion) pretty zombie cosmetics and lime crime (but there is so many other companies- follow my instagram for other lipstick swatches)but on one of my many late night Instagram binges,I stumbled upon this makeup company
called LAsplash Cosmetics
I instantly fell in love with all their makeup,especially their liquid lipsticks
I had to buy some and  check them out! here are my lip swatches from their permanent collection

I only have 3 Liquid lipsticks from their permanent collection

Hidden Desires
it's like a purple magenta,more purple based

Poison Apple
Exactly the name is the color
amazing bright deep red

a deep chocolate brown

Here are lips Swatches from their Christmas limited editon
but they now have extended it- you can buy it here
limited time ONLY-so get it NOW!! these colors are amazing

beige nude 
a deep wine purple reddish 
(flash does not show how amazing this purple color is)
its a true purple
dark true gray
black metal black 
 the MOST amazing thing about these lipsticks is they don't come off at all!!!,they are WATERPROOF!!! you have to scrub really hard to get it off! haha- to me that's a good thing,when I ordered my bundle it came with a free lipstick remover- its that intense that it needs it's own remover! BUT
if you have really good wet makeup wipes,that should do too,that's what I did!
check out their Instagram for videos they posted showing their customers washing off the lipstick and it wont come off,its magic!!!!!

 I am in love with all these shades! the only thing I could complain is that some of the lipsticks are more sticky than the others
Malevolent gave me the MOST problem,for some reason it came out really blotchy,i only put one layer, I think if you prime your lips and put a second layer it should be fine!
my favorite shades are Vindictive,Venom and ghoulish they slide on so easily!
they are also Animal Friendly! yay!

I hope my lipstick Swatches helped out!!!
in honor of one of my favorite shades from the bundle set-
one of my favorite VENOM SONGS
XO \m/

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  1. Thank you so much for this post! I'd never heard of these before, but they look amazing! I'll have to go order some :)

  2. i just tried there new lip luster ones with the sparkles in them and 25mins later i can rub it off with my finger

  3. I can't believe you would post photos like these. Your lining is terrible, you can see little dried up bits of skin/lipstick all over your lips. I was doing a Google search of these lipsticks & clicked on your image specifically to see if anyone had commented like I wanted to. In this day in age, mediocre makeup reviews/swatches/blogs just don't cut it. You're a state.


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