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random facts about MOI*

I have anger management problems =(
I taught myself how to sew
I hate when people like my clothes(LOL) seriously
I love when people hate my clothes!
my clothes are called outfits NOTTTTTTT costumes
I'm "rainbow girl" and i don't have a rainbow outfit (HAHA)
I cant make or keep friends(its impossible for me =P)
but I do love all my myspace friends haha
I do not believe in god
I believe in myself.
I'm so grateful for my hands
I hate when people agree with me =P
I do not want to inspire ANYONE, just stare please.
I really hate being called colorful.
I hate the words different and unique
I'm really really conceited but really really nice(so its balances out)
I hate sharing anything or anyone(haha)
I love wearing BIG T-shirts to sleep(yes i wear pajamas)
I wear heels every single day
I'm very very protective with the people I love
I'm very talkative
I hate the word fashion
I hate taking showers
I love classical music
I do everything to the extreme
I'm not a private person at all
my sister is my bodyguard when I go out
I need a bodyguard when I go out-seriously (I'm firing my sister haha)
I hate how everyone wears bows now =(
I walk sexy ( haha I need to tape myself walking everyone always makes comments about it haha)
I'm nothing without my sister
I could eat steak everyday
I don't like to swear
Ive never had a professional photoshoot
I'm never right, haha but I don't mind
I know-no one looks like me
I'm fun to watch =P
I've only colored my hair blonde-and I will keep it blonde only
I have to sew or I will be naked
metal music inspires me
I can't live without my ebay
I'm a lady
I don't think Its cool to be "werid"
I want my outfits to be more extravagant
I love the word extravagant( call me this)
I don't care or mind what people think of me
but I do want them to know-I'm dressed like this everyday because I want to and not cause I'm going to play or a party (haha)
I think I'm the best
I respect everyone
I don't get no respect haha
I love going to restaurants
I hate the beach
I hate bikinis
I think I would be a fantastic actress
I love myspace
I'm a spoiled brat
I really really hate being compared to a harajuku girl/ravegirl/scenegirl/anygirl (only smart people can tell the difference haha)
do not compare to anything or anyone or you will die. haha
I wish things like that ^^^ wouldn't bug me as much
my natural hair color is black
my life should be taped
I love nice people
Metal shows is the only place where I can be relaxed
I hate flowers
I change my nails everyday
I want to be more then famous
I love TV- I watch alot alot of TV- haha
I love plastic jewelery
I love everything cheap
I don't like to go out
but once I'm out I don't want to go home
I'm a homebody
I hate school with a passion
I hate change
I love getting packages in the mail
I always do a test trial outfit day
I don't drink or smoke nor do I want to
I want a pet baby piggie
I'm never bored
I think its fine when people complain but theirs a limit
I don't have a cellphone
I never regret anything
I get my attitude from my dad
I get my jokes from my mom
I get my levelheadness from my sister
I love my boyfriend
my boyfriend is my bestfriend
Only me and my sister get our jokes
I can bellydance real well =)
when I was little I wanted to be a dancer
I sleep during the day
I take alot of naps
My favorite color is yellow
I'm used to rejection
I'm amazing..but you knew that already =P
I'm very sarcastic
I'm a jokester
I'm never serious
I love watching food network
I can't cook at all nor do I want to learn haha
Andy Warhol is stupid- no one can like everyone.
I would love to live in the 40s
I love questions
I love talking about me
I love hearing stories
I love the word silly
I love to tell people my experiences
I hate all weather
sometimes I wish I could get along with others
I'm a loner
I need my metal music
I can't wait to have my own label
I would never sell none of my outfits
my outfits will be in vaults one day
I'm more fun in real life
I'm not a party girl at all
I like to stay home and play boardgames
I could drink pina coladas everyday
my birthday is august 3rd
I love anytype of gifts
I'm mega lazy
I say mega alot
I laugh alot
I smile alot but never in pictures =P
I dont care if you want to use me- wont get nothing out of my anyways haha
I always get what I want
I'm always sewing
I never copy
all my ideas come from the noggin =)
I love everything big!!!!!
I would wear anything
I always make fun of myself first
I hate and love alot of things haha

I'll add more,when new things pop into my head =)
by the way FEEL FREE TO ADD ME to any of these websites =)



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